Chinese New Year 2016 Celebrations at Fu Lu Shou Complex

Chinese New Year 2016 Celebration



Come & Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 in Fu Lu Shou Complex 

The Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday season in Singapore. This year is the Monkey Year, which is the ninth animal of the 12. The animal comes time and again in a 12-year Chinese Zodiac Cycle. So, after every 12 years, Chinese will have a Monkey Year. Impressive fireworks, illuminated streets, family reunions, New Year Parades on the Chinese streets, cultural extravaganza and a lot more are included to mark their biggest festival.

That time of the year has come again when people take off from their professional lives and visit families and relatives only to exchange a few oranges as a way to wish A Happy New Year! On the night of New Year’s Eve, adults hand over red envelopes containing money to children as a New Year gift.

If you are holidaying in this part of the city, do not miss to plan a trip at this complex because you can take away perfect souvenirs back home from here. Also, the other retail shops in this mall sell arts of handicraft, antiques, Fengshui, dry ingredients, gift shop and much more.

At Fu Lu Shou Complex, the CNY month was all about celebrating this Year of Monkey. The entire complex was swept in red color as it is regarded as the most auspicious color – red lanterns, red décor, red lighting, and, of course, cute little monkeys were placed too. So, practically, everything was painted red during the month-long carnival.

The word Fu Lu Shou has its origin in Tao that correlates to good fortune, prosperity and long-lasting. So what better way you can really think of welcoming your New Year than shopping in this complex? Reaching here is very simple. The Bugis and Downtown MRT stations are just a few minutes’ walk away from the shopping mall. Also, you can take the bus that is just outside this five-level shopping complex. If you are coming with your own vehicle, there is enough parking that will keep your private vehicle secure.

As you go through the levels, make sure you get the true feel of the Chinese culture. There are several shops in this complex that cater to different business needs and have unique commercial spaces. This shopping complex in Singapore has a distinction of being different from other malls in the area as it houses religious places as well. So, spare a few minutes’ time while shopping and pay a visit to the holy shrines and ask about your future from the revered Astrologer.

The compound is spread over an area of about 30,000 square kilometers with 140 operational retail shops segregated into five floors. Our shoppers have told us that they get one of the best shopping experiences here because the area is surrounded by amenities like banks, eateries and grocery shops. Also, the maneuverability in this region is quite liked by the shopaholics who can quickly navigate and have enough space to move around the stores.

The event was organized by Fu Lu Shou Complex Traders Society. The celebrations were initiated a month before beginning from January 3 to February 5 from 1200 hours to 1900 hours. People thronged at our shopping complex in huge numbers and to mark this Lunar occasion, the retail shops in the complex had run several competitions and biggest discounts on goods and services. Some retail outlets have also offered feng-shui advice to their customers at a discounted price. Others offered cash discounts worth $888 and $10,000 for a minimum purchase.

Want to get a makeover? Come to this place and they have options where you can style yourself and prepare yourself for the New Year. Over the years, Fu Lu Shou has maintained its stature for being one of the coolest shopping centers for Chinese religious services and wares. Therefore, it is a synonym for lifestyle distinction gives an unparalleled retail shopping experience with exciting prices this New Year. Celebrate the festival of a family reunion at this source of leisure and entertainment district.

The fun just doesn’t stop at Fu Lu Shou and we have something for everyone that will make their festival all the more cherishable in the years to come. So, join in our celebrations which are undoubtedly the best and the biggest in Central Singapore!